My name is Irina Smith and I am a Personal Shopper and the founder of ‘Fashion Direction’ – a Personal shopper service company based in London. I love to experiment with colours, texture and combining incongruous things has become my signature.

I write my Fashion Blog as a presentation of my fashion and styling knowledge and skills. You can find there the latest fashion news, trends, celebrity outfits and even British Royalty fashion style. And who knows, maybe you will get some inspiration in here for your style ideas!

‘Fashion Direction’ works with designer brands, made-to-measure services, High Street labels and vintage items. Also, we are able to choose a wardrobe for you online via email, selecting items from online shops. This type of styling will save on your budget and time, but most of all you don’t even have to come to the UK to keep up to date with the latest trends!

Our team speak a variety of languages. These include English, Russian, French and Portuguese.


Photo: Paul Jonesy