Shopping tips


1. Don’t be tricked by sale

When sales are on all clothing suddenly becomes attractive and there is a lot of temptation to buy. Although items might be 70% cheaper it doesn’t mean they will suit you. Bear this in mind every single time you are shopping during a sale!

2. Never buy “Just in case”

Never buy items which you’ll rarely have an opportunity to wear. For instance, if you are not clubbing anymore why would you need that clubbing dress which is going just going to be stuck in your wardrobe with tags on? Also, remember that if you need a dress for a specific occasion you can buy it when necessary. Also, years later, even when you may have an opportunity to wear this dress, it will probably be way behind the current trend. Never buy in advance if you don’t want to get an old-fashioned look!

Jimmy-Choo-sale3. Half-sized shoes

None of us were born with standard sized feet and in my experience it’s quite a common problem that when purchasing shoes you can never find the perfect match – up. But here is a very simple rule you can follow to avoid the disappointment of missing out on the shoes of your dreams. If you are looking for open shoes such as sandals and flip-flops, you can buy them half a size less. If you are buying shoes, boots or trainers – go for half a size bigger. Even if the boots will be a bit loose, you always can wear them with fashionable socks or over the knee socks. A simple solution for shoes would be jelly insoles.

4. Colour up your wardrobe

Don’t keep your wardrobe the same color, inject it with a colour block and you’ll get a lot of compliments straight away. You might feel comfortable with neutrals but accessorize your wardrobe with a coloured scarf, necklace, bangles or a clutch and it will make your look outstanding.

5. Versatile clothing

Multifunctional clothing which you can wear day and night is essential in any wardrobe. Just remember that sparkly and shiny accessories (patent, crystals or sequin items) will change your look dramatically in the night.

6.  Jeans leg length

There’s no need to cut your jeans if the leg length is a bit longer than desired. In fact, it is fashionable to wear jeans which are gathered near the feet. If you want to show your ankle or the detail on your shoes, simply roll your jeans up.

7. Don‘t be a fashion victim

Follow fashion trends wisely. Don’t be a fashion victim. For example, if you know that some items like harem trousers or oversized blazers don’t suit you or look a little out of place on you – don’t buy them just because they are fashionable.

8. Respect your money

Don’t buy clothing which will lose its colour or shape after the first washing. After all, buying cheaper more disposable clothing will cost you more rather than less than if you opt for more expensive but durable items.

9. Second skin

Never buy jeans, leather or stretchy trousers a size bigger. Even if they are a bit tight on you, buy your size or even a size smaller because denim and leather will get looser and stretch trousers will re-adjust on your body shape. They should all look like a second skin on you, not like skin you are about to lose!