Rosie Ruck Keene: “Our clothes are practical as well as stylish”

Sisters Lucia and Rosie Ruck Keene launched their fashion brand TROY London just a year ago but this casual luxury brand is receiving recognition and is making its way to the fashionistas wardrobes.

- How did you decide to launch TROY London? 
- My sister Lucia and I were spending time in the countryside on weekends which we both like. We both were working hard in the City and liked to escape there on weekends. And we’ve discovered that it’s very difficult to find clothes that versatile for both: living in the city and walking around in parks and out in the streets but also in the countryside. So we developed this idea to set up the brand that would be answer that question. We’ve found out that very a few brands have covered both markets that you could wear stylishly in London and out in a fresh air. So both of us like embracing nature, walking, running, exercising outside. So our clothes must be practical as well as stylish. We make all of our clothes here in the UK which is not an easy thing to achieve but it’s something we are already proud of. All of our factories are in London, actually a few miles away.  
- Who create the actual designs? 
- We design ourselves; my sister Lucia is in charge of the creative side of the business. We work with beautiful qualified team of people in terms of seamstresses; we have quality control consultancy to make sure everything is done to a high spec. We’ve got a really good 

Rosie Ruck Keene-Troy-Londonnetwork here in the UK. We also have two people on our board, one on them worked for Burberry, another one worked for JAEGER. They’ve got amazing industry insight which helps us to grow the business.

- What’s the story behind the brand’s name? 
- TROY is the name of the house where Lucia and I was brought up in Oxfordshire where we spent our childhood. It is quite a strong name for a brand so we thought it will set very well.
- It’s also easy to remember.
- Yes! I’m glad you said that. We have to make it stand out from the Google’s focus on Brad Pitt next to TROY. So we have to make sure we are quite different.
- So it would be you on the first line and next Brad Pitt.
- Haha, exactly! We’d like to be first. Unfortunately, Brad Pitt is winning this battle for now. 

- What will make TROY London stand out in the fashion market?

- It’s the combination of the practicality and style. So jackets are warm, water resistant, they work in everyday practical life. But they are also have little details. That’s why we make sure that every design has attention to details. For example, we do buttons made of horn or the leather detailing. So it’s real attention to details and high quality. And also the fact that all products are made by craftsmen in the UK. So by this combination of elements we would like to stand out.

Do you wear your designs?

- Yes! This blouse I’m wearing now is one of our designs.

- And I guess your sister Lucia wears them as well?

- Yes, all the time!

- Are you making arrangements between each other so as not to wear the same outfits at the same event?

- She will come later today so let’s see if she will turn up in the same outfit! We actually somehow managed not to wear the same thing at the same time but I’m sure there will be a time! Particularly now: we are growing, we are in our second season now. We’re expanding our collection; we are bringing our Autumn collection out which is the largest one. Perhaps, in the earlier stage it was more complicated because we’ve had a fewer designs.

Lucia-Rosie Ruck Keene-Troy-London-fashion- Do you have education related to fashion?

- Not so much. For my own self I’ve always been interested in it as well as my sister. But we both came from the careers in the City. So we have very different backgrounds. Coming into fashion we knew we needed some support and technical expertise that’s why we have an experienced consultancy team who work with us in terms of business, suppliers, and fashion development.

-  You are also a co-founder of the Riding Club London?

-  Yes, I absolutely love all kinds of riding. I’ve set up the Riding Club with a friend of mine Ashley Parasram. It was his idea originally. He was a diplomat living around the world and he actually loved to ride around Jakarta. He came back to London to live, was passionate about horses but he couldn’t work out where to go. And he didn’t really have friends who were interested in horses. He didn’t know how to access the stables. They are often very expensive in and around London. He started this idea after researching very heavily that he may have to create a club for people who are very similar to him and looking for that outlet and the ability. Because horse riding is quite addictive, people really miss it. So we wanted to bring people together and to show them different ways of riding close or near London. So for busy professionals in London it makes it really easy. They can book online any time of the day or night and find lessons on a weekday or weekend trips abroad. We are going to Spain and in a month’s time we are going on beautiful dressage horses to Africa to riding safaris, then to Argentina. Closer to home you can ride in Hyde Park on a Wednesday evening. So it’s really useful. If you are a banker working long hours, we have 8 o’clock riding lessons. It’s tailored for the busy professional. We do central London but we also expanding across London: we do activities in Richmond, Wimbledon as well as outside London. And now we also do activities across the UK: we do Gloucestershire, a little bit in Scotland and Devon. We do activities all over the UK.

- What the future of TROY London do you see?

- We would love to see our brand expanded across the UK and also I would like us to expand overseas. Particularly Northern Europe and Russia would be a very strong market for us. And of course, USA and Asia. So yes, I’d like us to expand globally.


Text: Irina Smith

Photographs: Courtesy of TROY London

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