“I was in desperate need of some advice on my wardrobe – it needed a refresh to cater for work and leisure, and I’d been holding on to old clothes for no better reason than nostalgia.  It was clear that I’d outgrown many outfits and that I needed to wear clothes that were stylish, appropriate, yet funky.   So what better way to tackle this great task than to employ a stylist like Irina Smith to help me?

We spent four hours doing a ‘wardrobe audit’ and looking at what shapes and colours suited me, as well as assessing my style.  This culminated in casting out a large pile of clothes and freeing up masses of space.  Now I can see what I have and am well on my way to getting a capsule wardrobe together.

Where Irina was great was advising me on how to create multiple looks from just a few items, by using accessories and jewellery. She also had some ideas about how to maximise what I had, by advising me to buy some staples like vest tops in various colours. The key thing I learnt from her was that I needed to inject some colour into my wardrobe – something that would light up my face and drawn attention to, and away from, areas I liked / disliked.

The next step is for Irina to come shopping with me for the staples, as well as some accessories and shoes.  Looking forward to it already!”

Ruth M., 37, London

“Irina immediately indicated what we needed. She changed our style, she added a new direction to our image and she slightly added her own style giving us a more contemporary look. We really like it. I really did not have enough accessories and items which expressed my individuality. Now, I’ve got everything I hoped for. I have become more confident in myself. I had a lack of my character in my look because something was missing. After shopping with Irina I’ve got all I needed.”

Stanislav and Irina V., 50, St-Petersburg (Russia)

“I just wanted to say thank you to Irina for helping me with my photo shoot make up and styling on the day. It was wonderful to have someone on the set so professional and devoted to the job. Every photo shoot is a very emotional occasion and it is extremely important to have someone on the set who “gets it” and does not ask questions – who is able to see what is going on and jump in at the right moment.

Irina did a fantastic job, I had a great experience with Irina and I am planning to invite her again to work with me on photo shoots.”

Natasha D., 28, London